5 reasons why you should build your own stage

5 main reasons why building and owning your personal stage is vital for your entrepreneurial growth as a artist, designer or creative.

What do I mean by ‘a stage’?

Stages are all the publishing places you can occupy. All the possibilities and chances you can take, to tell your stories in the fashion you prefer.

Everyplace that gives you a chance, that someone will listen to you or you can publish with your intentions. It are these specific spaces, online or offline, that gives you and your specific message leverage and visibility. It’s how you make your work matter. It’s the spaces that give you the opportunity to touch people their harts with your authentic core stories.

Where you can leave valuable content and really leaves a mark in time.

Like social media, magazines, your blog, in a classroom with children, on a terrace of a café, in a lecture in a library, you name it.

Now you know what ‘a stage’ can look like please let me give me my thoughts about the kind of value it will bring into your creative enterprise and growth of your practice.

Why do you need ‘a stage’ of your own?

1. Nobody can tell about your work the way you do!

There is no human in the world that can tell about what you value in your work the most and in which way, as you can yourself.

The most valuable frame you can be put in is your own frame.

Tell people how to look at your work. Guide them to your new perspectives.

Open the windows to your fresh new world. Make them float and open their own imaginary windows. Ignite their passion.

You have to show and stage the core values and convictions in your work first, before others can see and believe the subject you feel strong about.

It’s like waiting to be ‘discovered’ when you hide yourself into a big dark forest with all of your artistic work. Just for real! Will that work?

How big is the chance to get anything over the counter or any collaboration while nobody even seen your work or heard about it?

I aspect that you are reading this article because you want to stop your lack of revenue, right?

Or really grow your business and stop your side job. The job that exhausts you on a daily base.

How will or can anybody even give you support, while you don’t show that you believe in your work yourself?

It’s much stronger when somebody can support a artist or designer that absolutely believes in what she is up to and talks about it on a regular base?

That gives you the dynamic feeling of imagination, creation and inspiration who is creating at ‘this’ moment. And therefore can be seen as a creative that is in business. Is open for new projects. Is inviting people to participate in their creative world and projects.

Do you feel what I mean?

2. Determine your own values and what to talk about.

This is expanding your chances to do joint ventures, expand your influence about your concepts, subjects, your expert status, to build valuable content and ask for free publicity or start joint ventures and create more online traffic.

You then, in a matter of time, just have to pick up the phone or write emails to possible joint ventures and make them an offer. Point out to your valuable content and numbers of followers on your accounts. You have to make the conversation worthwhile to the other party.

Make exposure happen with much more ease as you display your expertise.

3. Your own voice tells a thousand tales.

The most fascinating of listening to stories or looking at videos and images is the way they are told.

The way they move, show accents, details and characteristics reveals so much about why and how artistic work came together as they did.

Nothing can replace this kind of authentic context you can create yourself.

Don’t waste it on an expensive reporter or copywriter if you can’t effort it.

Find ways to publish yourselves first, with some basic knowledge of what kind of stories to bring.

The online world is so big and rich in opportunities to start dropping those wonderful authentic posts.

Go, go, go love!

4. Get control of your growth and exposure.

If you want to grow your audience than you have to take control over your audience and it’s number.

When you jump on the soapbox and start telling, then it is wise to create a funnel to your own attention atmosphere. Your email list for instance. A place where you can store an email list and you can own. That’s your fix business value for your own use.

Social platforms can go down or change their policies. But you always have access to your own fans.

Getting control over you numbers means also that you want to invest to grow you numbers of followers. Even if you have to pay for it.

Getting control over you numbers also means that you check on a regular base what kind of articles, posts and videos do well and learn from the ones that were crap.

5. Own your content is saving a lot of time.

As a publisher of your own content, if you start your own blog for instance, you build up a pile of valuable content. This has so many advantages. For instance you can recycle your content and save time. You can recycle bits of content for your social media channels. You build up content for many years to use and you learn how to tell about your concepts and subjects very thoroughly. You always going to answer any questions if anybody asks.

Image how time saving that is? You constantly are having a flow of visitors on your website, webshop and social media channels.

Also when you ask for free publicity with any venture or magazine you always have valuable content you can share or quickly reedit for the purpose of publishing.

Creating your own stage and putting effort into your content brings you direct value into your artistic enterprise.



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